According to church growth experts, there are more women in every kind of church than men and the traditional explanation for this is that women are more spiritual than men and industrialization. The new age movement also suggests that the church’s music, messages and ministries cater to women yet a huge number of senior pastors are men. Evangelical pollster George Barna described women as the backbone of every Christian congregation. The feminization of the church theory explains that men are more impacted than women by the increasing pressure on people to seek professional advancement. Nancy Pearcey, the author of Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity said that religion came to be seen as for women and children and not as relevant to the “real” world of business, politics and academia due to industrialization. This website aims to offer more understanding of the involvement of women in religious activities.

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The article examines different views on the topic of the role of women in the church. There is a form of conflict and confusion as to the role of women in the church and at home hence the need to understand what the role of a woman is in the church without affecting her responsibility at home.


This article examines the influences the society has on the involvement of women in religion. It look briefly at how women are portrayed in Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish and Hindu communities repectively. It also examined briefly the relationship between modernity and religion. It also looked at the feminization of the church.

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This article examines the influences of social media and the media with regards to women in religion. It looked at how churches are using social media to engage with its audiences, the debates for and against the use of social media by churches as well as how churches can make more use of social media and which works best. It also looked at a few stereotypes in the media with regards to the reporting of women in religion.